Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

Gravy. Ugh! I’ve tried several times and several ways and I never think it tastes as good as when someone else makes it. But, I didn’t reach for that jarred or packaged stuff this year. We went all scratch! First moments in the pan, cooking that roux. It turned out very dark and that is…

Basic Turkey Stuffing or Dressing

Year after year I have tried different stuffing recipes and never quite found one my husband has totally liked. Stuffing is probably his favorite side dish, so the expectations are high. As Thanksgiving 2018 continues, I turned to Sara’s stuffing recipe. I did not go with any add ins, as offered in the side note….

Smoothest Mashed Potatoes

The homemade mashed potatoes I have made have always been ok, but just ok. I’ve resorted to pre-made ones I can buy in the store because they are often better than the time it takes for me to make my own. Sara’s method is totally different than the others I’ve seen before. What is the…

Homemade Turkey Stock

Thanksgiving 2018…brought to you by Sara Moulton! I made a total of five recipes out of the cookbook for our Thanksgiving this year. To start, I made the turkey stock. Similar in method to the other stocks in the book, it certainly added flavor to the stuffing and gravy. page 28

Baked Chicken Thighs with pancetta, olives, and cherry tomatoes

I’m pleased to say this was a successful dish. We are one of those houses who have been limited to eating only boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but now we have branches out! The flavor was great and my husband liked the olive-tomato taste. This one will stay on the regular meal plan menu. page 128

Cream Biscuits

A Saturday with no formal plans? What a treat! It seems like we went straight from sitting in 90+ degrees at soccer games to blustery 30 degree mornings. So, on went a pot of vegetable soup and I decided to make these cream biscuits to eat with it. I was not expecting this recipe to…