Smashed Crispy Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes. Also known as sunchokes. Yep, I had no idea what these were. I had to go to our specialty food store to find them and it took me asking two people before I finally located them in the produce section.

Here is one pound of Jerusalem artichokes – actually not an artichoke at all!

I read a lot online about roasting these in the oven, but with Sara’s method you boiled them in water (skin on), smashed them, and finished them off by frying them in a large skillet.

Smashed and going into the pan.

I left them too big. I should have cut them in half. And I ended up cooking them too long on top of the stove. Both errors I will fix if I make these again.

Finished off with a little cheese.

A taste that is difficult to describe. Similar to an artichoke, but not quite. I did not find them to be similar to a potato like I read online, however, I can see how they could be mashed like a potato. An interesting side dish for the evening to be sure!

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