Speedy Korean Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s time to start tackling some of the recipes that I feel less comfortable with, starting with this one. I needed kimchi. In the cookbook there is a recipe for making your own kimchi, but I don’t feel ready to go there yet.

I did know what kimchi is, but I have never had it. We had to go to our speciality grocery store to purchase it. And then we wondered around for quite awhile before we actually found it. Once we did, it seemed obvious where it was shelved.

But then, there were so many choices. And it came in all sizes of containers. After much discussion and reading through the recipe several times, I picked one and away we went.

I may have already said this, but since cooking through Sara’s book, my overall skills in the kitchen are just better.

While working on the noodle soup, I snagged this picture a few steps in.

This right here is why I have improved – layering flavors. I have gained much knowledge in how ingredients work and come together. I understand how to create more depth in flavor and why certain techniques work better in certain situations.

I was very surprised how this final dish looked.

I actually pulled it off. I was sure this one would be a flop, but I was pleasantly surprised. The broth was delicious. I thought it was spicy, Derek thought it was just spicy enough. And an egg on top is always a good idea.

By the time I got around to putting away the leftovers, I noticed that the noodles had soaked up almost all of the broth. It made decent leftovers and less broth meant it was easier to eat in my husband’s quick teacher lunch time.

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