Homemade Chicken Stock

I’ve heard mixed reviews about making your own chicken stock. Many have said it is delicious, but is it worth the time it takes to make? Especially when you can just buy it all ready to go in a can or box? I have often thought about making my own chicken stock, but never have – until now. I decided to pre-plan and make the stock and two follow up recipes where I could use it right away.

Sara says to use chicken wings, so I did. Here’s all five pounds of them reading to go!

Once we got boiling and I added all of the other ingredients, I found myself fascinated by what was happening in this large pot. Who would have thought that I would find a pot of chicken wings so pretty?

Then we got boiling – for four hours! Here’s what it looked like after cooking away all morning.

Strain and discard, over and over until I made it through the whole batch.

Here is that chicken goodness. I’ll admit that I was hoping to end up with more than this at the end, but I’m looking forward to using it tomorrow.

I did let it sit overnight and I’m going to scrape off the fat in the morning, just like Sara suggested.

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