Baked Chicken with Brussels sprouts, apples, and bacon

100 recipes!!! I have actually made 100 recipes out of Sara’s book. I’ve learned so much along the way. 78 more recipes to go!

Who doesn’t love a one sheet pan dinner? The challenge on this one was forcing myself to purchase a whole chicken and practice cutting it up like Sara showed on the following two pages. Yikes! I had to recruit my vegetarian husband for help. Haha! What I learned is that I need to take a knife skills class post-pandemic.

I guess I snagged only one picture on this one. I’m not sure I really cooked this one long enough. There’s not much dark color – on anything! But I’m trying really hard to cook meat to the proper temperature and then take it out. In the past I have always way over cooked meat.

It all tasted good. I will attempt butchering a chicken again – some day…

page 182

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