Spicy Miso Chicken Wings with spicy miso sauce

Chicken wings are something I have never cooked. I am not a fan of them myself and when I watch my boys eat them, it’s always such a mess. I also do not deep fry. I always find the bake option and never fry. Again, mostly because of the mess. But, it is in the book and it was time to tackle this recipe.

I don’t manage hot oil well and almost always end up burning some part of what I am cooking. I’m cautious about under cooking the meat and over cooking the outside, so I always fry things much longer than I should. I made myself follow these directions exactly and stick to the suggested cooking times.

This was my frying set up.

These turned out really well! And no one was more shocked than I was. The frying worked out well and the taste level was great. My family quickly snagged them all and I realized I should have had more confidence in myself and made more. I just didn’t want to throw away a bunch of leftovers, but that was not a problem. Bravo to guest chef, Hiroko Shimbo, for inspiring such a successful recipe!

Everyone also liked the accompanying spicy miso sauce. My husband asked me to keep the extra so he could later eat it on a chicken sandwich. It definitely has stand alone potential as a sauce for other dishes.

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