French Apple Tart

Hello! I’m still plugging away here at recipes. Life decided to get way crazy for awhile and now my family is prepping for a one year move to Europe!

But I’m still 100% committed to Sara’s book, so let me get caught up on what I’ve done lately – starting with the French Apple Tart.

Full disclosure – I’m no French pastry chef. And that was fairly evident in this recipe. But what I lacked in looks was made up for in taste.

Step one. Pie crust. And yes, Sara said it was okay to go with a store bought one, so I did.

Next up, apples. They look pretty neat all sliced in half here, I think.

Then I got to work thinly slicing and mixing together ingredients. Then it was time to layer them into the pastry. SARA creates a beautiful flower shaped tart. I did not. See here.

I tried and the next time I try it again, I think it will be better. It baked away in the oven and then I added the glaze.

Served with homemade whipped cream and this apple tart was a hit with the family. We just ate it all that evening because I don’t think it would have kept or reheated very well. Yum!

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