Egg-Lemon Soup with chicken, artichoke, and spaetzle

Spaetzle – I’ve never had it before this recipe. I wasn’t sure what it was, but Sara’s book explains it and provides a step-by-step how to make it.

You should use a spaetzle making tool. I’ve purchased or borrowed almost every soecial kitchen tool so far, but I decided to not get this one. The recipe suggested that I could use a strainer instead. Spoiler alert – the strainer did not work for me. In the moment I was seriously frustrated that I didn’t just buy the spaetzle maker. So I got creative and started trying anything I could find. I landed on an egg separater. It wasn’t pretty, but it actually worked (kind of).

I will buy the spaetzle maker and give this a second try.

I also made the Roasted Artichoke Hearts recipe included in this recipe to add to the soup.

The final soup was great. Lemon and artichokes made a yummy combination.

page 66

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