Roast Turkey

The main dish! Never, have I ever cooked a turkey… until Thanksgiving 2018. Check that off the list thanks to Sara.

I was informed enough to read through the recipe information a couple of weeks in advance, so no frozen turkey on Thanksgiving morning for me. I let the bird thaw in the fridge for days.

Here it is covered in salt, wrapped in plastic, and ready to wait a few hours more.

Finally, cooking away in the oven.

And the finished product!

Not too bad. In fact, pretty good! I’m not sure what’s so intimidating about cooking a turkey. I just went step by step and came out with a pretty good try, especially for my first time.

After my husband carved it up!

Our finished Thanksgiving table. All five of Sara’s dishes are on here, plus a few more. Nothing fancy, but I was super pleased.

And here’s my little family all ready to eat!


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