Seared Scallop Salad with spicy watermelon vinaigrette

It was time to try something more challenging. I hadn’t pushed myself beyond my comfort level for the past few recipes. I can cook fish, but that just about spans my entire skill set for seafood.

So, I headed to the local meat counter and talked to the expert there about cooking scallops. She wrapped them up in brown paper and I headed for home to make this meal.

The first step was creating the watermelon vinaigrette, which was colorful, simple to make, and full of flavor.

In the blender.

And after blending.

Vinaigrette finished.

Then I made the salad. This giant bowl of salad tasted as good as it looks.

Time to focus on the scallops.

Preparing them.

And coating them.

Time to go into the pan. This actually went really well.

The final recipe was a beautiful dish. My husband and I enjoyed sampling the scallops, but I took the rest of them to my mom, who loves eating scallops.

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