Jill Levy’s Risotto with carrot and zucchini sauce

*Spoiler alert*

Jill Levy, I may not know you, but your risotto was tasty!

I never realized how little I knew about cooking until now. And how limited I have been with the ingredients I use to cook! You’re probably tired of reading it and I’m tired of acknowledging it, but once again this recipe gave me two new experiences – using leeks and making a risotto.

Here are those leeks. A bit intimidating at first glance.

Once again, YouTube provided me with all the information I needed to know how to cut, wash, and use these. And once I started cutting them, I quickly realized that these must come from the same family as onions. I did not know that! But the leeks certainly cooked up nicely in the pan.

I always watch the people on the cooking competitions try to make a risotto and talk about how they aren’t sure if they have enough time. Now I understand that. It took a lot of patience to keep stirring and slowly incorporate all that liquid.

In the end, it was delicious. Great as a meal or as a side.

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