Crispy Pork Fried Rice

Today I fixed another one pan meal. I’ll get to the more difficult tasks eventually, but right now I’m enjoying learning some new cooking techniques that I’ve never before used.

I regularly make fried rice for my husband to take in his school lunches. Sara’s way of fixing the eggs was much easier and worked better than how I normally just add an egg to the veggie mix. This pancake method was so simple.

Also, I had never used fresh ginger. From now on, I know exactly how to do this. It was very fragrant.

Sara’s recipe had you make a radish topping to add on your bowl of fried rice. Yum! We loved that part. This was the first time I grated radishes.

Overall, the dish was good. It is definitely crispy. I probably crisped up my rice too much, but I have a feeling the leftovers will all be eaten.

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