Quick Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Fresh Herb Penne

Simple. Quick. This recipe came together in about 20 minutes. The perfect dish for fresh tomatoes and herbs. And it made a lot – leftovers for several days. The sauce before adding the hot pasta. And the final dish! page 108

Claire Lewis’s Quick Texas Chili

Being from Cincinnati means I understand that chili can take on different forms. This Texas style version may not have beans, but it certainly has flavor! It was easy to put together and will make for great leftovers. The final toppings are absolutely required for the complete chili experience. page 146

Pork Posole

This Mexican – inspired stew was made with pork and hominy. You can make a red or green version and Sara’s was green. Look at this vibrant sauce! Because we are in the middle of a very busy time (cross country, soccer, and lots of school work!) I opted for the handy slow cooker method….